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Welcome to our website.  We are truly honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the things you cherish most in life,  your children!! 


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Our Mission:

We are a DCFS licensed, child care facility dedicated to developing and nurturing young children by providing a safe environment for learning that will strive to enhance self image while encouraging interactive play and problem solving skills.

icon  We offer FREE WEB CAMERA ACCESS  in each room and the playground. If you sign up, you can access your child's room or playground anytime throughout the day through our web site and view all the fun things and activities your child is participating in. To view your child, please click on the 'Video Cameras' link on your left!


Our Curriculum:
We use Zoo-phonics curriculum. We start introducing it in our Toddler and Beginner Rooms. The Preschool 1 and Pre-K Rooms use it at different levels, with different hands on activities.

The essences of Zoo-phonics:
1)The animal, drawn in the shape of the lowercase letters, help children remember the shapes of the letter. The alliterative names of the animals teach the letter sounds.
2)Letter sounds are taught before letter names.
3)Lowercase letters are taught before capital letters.
4)The body movement for each animal letter helps "cement" the phonemic information into memory.
5)The alphabet is taught sequentially and as a whole entity.
6)Short vowels are taught before long vowels.
7)Phonemic patterns (at, bat, fat, sat, etc.) are taught first rather than random word lists (of, it, then, was, etc.)
8)High frequency words are taught phonemically, not by sight.
9)Phonics is taught as an integrated part of the language process.

We are very excited to be teaching Zoo-phonics here at Kid's Care America.  For more information you can visit their website at:


Zoo-phonics Teaches Kids to Read, Spell and Write



icon  Kid's Care America has taken numerous steps to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere in our facility. Access to the center is gained by typing in a code assigned by the director.  Only parents and staff have the code to gain access. Emergency exits are located in each child's room and each exit is equipped with door mounted panic bars. A secured fence around the large playground area, full center fire alarm system, and video camera's throughout facility are more of the measures taken to provide a secure and safe environment.


Schedule a tour today and see why Kid's Care America is the better choice for child care in central Illinois! Our staff would love to see you!!



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